Meet in the Middle for America

Reshaping American Politics!

MITM Objectives:

  • Share a message of Accept Culture and inclusion
  • Campaign for candidates who ‘Meet in the Middle’
  • Create a fair and balanced forum, open to all
  • Expose emotional manipulation by self-serving politicians

Politics has reached its most challenging time in American history. We see more division, and politicians of both parties attack first and fund raise later, while others want to move on and get to work for America.

We’ve seen a rise in high profile tragedies rooted in fragile mental health, but the politicians argue about gun rights and gun control, instead of focusing on healing victims and those who commit the violence.

Meet In The Middle For America (MITM) supports those with the courage to stand up and speak for what is right!

MITM is a bridge between the extremes and represents those who believe we are all Americans and not just Democrats and Republicans. We will give a voice to all sides of an issue and work together to find solutions. We will influence Congress by selecting and supporting candidates dedicated to cooperation, and whose loyalty is to the American people first, and not just a party.

We will campaign for candidates who meet in the middle. These candidates must not perpetuate dishonesty, hatred or division, just acceptance. There is no room in government for candidates who blindly follow anyone besides the voters who trusted them.

Raise your voice! Be a part of MITM and make a better future.

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“Love what you are advocating for the USA gave you a follow and I encourage @IKEGOP to follow you as well. We need bipartisanship restored in this great nation to be successful. It’s very possible but it needs to be done in order for the USA to return to greatness.”

CabelloBananaKing (@yorkforddavid)