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MITM Objectives:

  • Campaign against politicians on FAR LEFT and FAR RIGHT
  • Campaign FOR candidates who ‘Meet in the Middle’
  • Expose emotional manipulation by self-serving politicians
  • Create a fair and balanced forum, open to all
  • Share a message of Accept Culture and inclusion

Politics has reached its most challenging time in American history. Extremist politicians fill the headlines with ridiculous stunts of hatred and division, driving us further apart. During every stunt they collect more cash, while real representatives of the people go to work in Congress and represent their constituents.

We’ve seen a rise in high profile events, like the JANUARY 6th INSURRECTION, rooted in fragile mental health. But the politicians point the finger and argue about gun rights and gun control, instead of focusing on healing victims and those who commit violence.

Meet In The Middle For America (MITM) supports candidates with the courage to stand up and speak for what is right, and we will vehemently make every effort to use the democratic process to remove division from Congress.

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