Objective: Support candidates who focus on advancing conservative issues through compromise

Meet In The Middle

The time has come to focus on progress and not extremism. 

‘We the People’ need to create a political landscape fueled by unbiased truth and honesty and not twisted ideology based on fear and misplaced worship.  The strength of Donald Trump came from his willingness to publicize his own extreme beliefs.  He quite successfully manipulated a population that was poorly educated and lacked diversity, who saw him as the embodiment of their own beliefs.  On February 24, 2016 Mr. Trump said, “I love the poorly educated.”  Being poorly educated doesn’t mean people are dumb.  But education is how we learn about and become exposed to the rest of the world.  This experience leads to enlightenment and tolerance. The ex president gave people permission to leave civility and tolerance behind and that must STOP!

‘We the People’ have survived the last 4 years through pure resilience.  The COVID Pandemic has created a revolution of sorts.  We rebel against intolerance and extremism and need to move to the middle with those who can debate and compromise. The 2020 election of Joe Biden showed how the majority stood up and voted for truth over lies and deception.  We voted for people who followed the science and cared about how we as a nation prospered.  We wanted the guy who would make the unpopular decisions instead of the guy who pretended that nothing was wrong.

‘We the People’ need to support candidates who have the integrity to stand up and say “I will not be bullied and threatened.  I will embrace the truth.  I will oppose those who twist the Constitution of the United States.  I will vote the will of my constituents.  And I will side with the people of the United States and not a political party.”

Meet In The Middle for America (MITM4AMERICA) is dedicated to the support of candidates who can get behind this credo.  Every movement must start somewhere.  There were 10 Republican House Representatives who voted on the Article of Impeachment:

  1. Liz Cheney, Wyoming
  2. Tom Rice, South Carolina
  3. Dan Newhouse, Washington
  4. Adam Kinzinger, Illinois
  5. Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio
  6. Fred Upton, Michigan
  7. Jaime Herrera Beutler, Washington
  8. Peter Meijer, Michigan
  9. John Katko, New York
  10. David Valadao, California

There were 7 Republican Senators who voted to convict:

  1. Richard Burr, North Carolina (Retiring)
  2. Bill Cassidy, Louisiana
  3. Susan Collins, Maine
  4. Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
  5. Mitt Romney, Utah
  6. Ben Sasse, Nebraska
  7. Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania (Retiring)

Each of these 17 politicians showed allegiance to the Constitution and a dedication and respect for ‘We the People’.  They rejected a tyrant and stood up to do the right thing.

‘We the People’ must find many more like them.

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