Michael Wood (R)

Candidate for the Texas 6th Congressional District

MITM supports Maj. Michael Wood (USMC).  Candidate Wood says “We were once a party of ideas, but we have devolved into a cult of personality. This must end, and Texas must lead the way.”  MITM couldn’t agree more.  Visit http://www.michaelwoodforcongress.com and show your support.

Major Wood, a decorated combat veteran in Afghanistan, is a believer in traditional conservative values with an eye to the future.  The MBA educated leader is a dedicated son of Texas and married with four daughters.  He is running to replace Ron Wright, who passed away in January of cancer with COVID complications.

On the issues he believes that wasteful large-scale federal government needs to take a back seat to State authority, who can accomplish many of the same things more efficiently.  Federal government is best suited for defense of the United States against China.  Although the destruction of ISIS is critical, we must remain focused on those across the Pacific.

Major Wood believes Texas and the Keystone XL Pipeline should be much more prominent in the production of energy in the US.  “President Biden was wrong to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, and by doing so, he likely killed many jobs for American workers.” 

On the economy he believes that lower taxes will be the boost our economy needs.  Trade with China should be more restricted and trade agreements with Canada need repaired.  At the same time traffic from Mexico should be strictly controlled. “Yes, I support a wall on our southern border but we need much more than that. We need a “full court press” of resources (law enforcement and judicial) sent south in order to stabilize and bring order to our southern border.”  He believes immigration to the US should be based on merit.

In his consideration of Congress, Michael believes this branch of government must become the “supreme branch of our federal government.” In the last few decades, since 9/11, we have seen the power of the executive branch grow immensely.  Abuse of the reconciliation system and the thinnest majority in history has allowed the Biden Administration to spend massive amounts of money that force up the deficit.  This broken system means that entitlements and immigration problems never get fixed as the current political leaders spend much of their time on social media and on television.

There is so much common sense built into Michael Wood’s political belief system.  He is also pro-life, pro-gun ownership by the people, and believes in unrestricted religious practice.  If this sounds like what a Republican Conservative should be then VOTE for Michael Wood in the Texas 6th Congressional District special general election on May 1, 2021.

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