MITM is Seeking Bloggers

Meet in the Middle for America is looking for new voices to contribute their words to our cause. We need a diverse group of writers who have an opinion and want to express their ideas for a common good. Background and politics can be conservative, liberal, or independent, as long as you believe in the mission of MITM.

Here’s the concept: Bring together writers from all across the United States. MITM assigns an issue that is challenging our political leadership to a pair of writers. Topics can be legislative, like the American Rescue Plan, or a subject of conflict, like the Keystone XL Pipeline. Each pair of writers will blog their opinion and suggestions in about 500 words. Then MITM attempts to condense those views and, you guessed it, find a way to Meet in the Middle.

Each writer will publish under their own name and their bio will be featured on our ‘About’ page.

This method will do something that Fox News and CNN don’t do anymore, which is to give both sides of the story. Prior to 1987, the Fairness Doctrine required that licensed broadcasters give an honest, equal and balanced representation of controversial issues. The Federal Communications Commission eliminated the rule and now we have entire networks dedicated to the division of America.

Fairness Doctrine
Law or no law. Fair and balanced is the right thing to do.

Let’s create a forum that seeks to bring both ends of the political spectrum back to the middle. MITM can be a positive and constructive influence as we continue to look for candidates to support who will do the same. If you are a writer who needs a forum in which to share your ideas, send an email to Tell us which direction your political philosophy leans and what subjects interest you. As a contributor to MITM you can be part of the solution.

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