Mass shootings, Letter to your Congressman

In the wake of the Colorado and Georgia mass shootings MITM is beginning a letter writing campaign to promote Mental Health & Substance Abuse funding by Congress. Gun control is not the answer and all of the intensified conflict it generates only distracts from the problem.

Did you know that all members of Congress now strongly discourage the use of traditional mail? However, if you search for your congressperson’s Contact Form you will be able to select the issue you are writing about and then paste in the letter below, or write your own version. We should be flooding their email servers until we get them to focus on the real problem.

Thank you for supporting MITM. It’s not about money. Support comes from following us on Twitter @mitm4america and using the hashtag #MeetintheMiddle when tweeting about or to your Senators and Representatives. Contact every member of Congress in the time you have available.

Senator [Last name]

Mass shootings are a Mental Health issue, not a weapon design problem. It’s a physiological and psychological imbalance that can be treated. The more we focus on gun control the more we ignore the source of the problem. Americans want guns but I guarantee they don’t want bipolar disease, depression, and psychosis to be ignored.

Meet in the middle with your colleagues in Congress. Sponsor legislation and be a hero for the people. Mental Health funding and awareness comes from the heart and voters will respond to that.

Threatening gun control makes some citizens angry. Promising unlimited and powerful weaponry just frightens others. Both scenarios are extremism and completely miss the point.

Funding Mental Health & Substance Abuse is full of wisdom and supports the economy. Think about it. Happy healthy people are more productive and prosperous. Prosperity leads to job growth, which generates tax revenue and GDP will increase. Funding Mental Health will pay for itself. Conversely, division smothers progress and happiness.

Be a hero to your constituents and all Americans. Fund MH&SA today.

Thank you.

Judson Gilbert, PharmD, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Meet in the Middle for America

3 thoughts on “Mass shootings, Letter to your Congressman

  1. If you read the Second Amendment to the Constitution, it clearly provides for arming a militia in the event of another attack on the nation’s sovereignty at the time of the revolution. It did happen and resulted in The War of 1812.

    Mass shootings are carried out by men with assault weaponry. Banning assault weaponry together with adequate care for those men who are in a mental health crisis is the most logical answer. A twofold approach.

    1. Good thoughts. Thank you. We all may be forgetting that a well-armed militia that doesn’t have its own missile/anti-missile system wouldn’t be very useful against a North Korean attack. Best to let the Feds do that. All guns are potentially assault weapons and a human still has to operate it. A six shooter can still kill 6 people. Focus on recognizing and treating mental health issues. In Boulder their were plenty who saw it coming and didn’t speak up. Boston has the “See something, say something” campaign since the bombing at the Boston Marathon. People need to speak up. Think about this: Who profits while we all argue about gun control? Those who make guns profit on mass shootings because every time we have a high profile event more people buy guns. They will never let the conversation change from 2nd Amendment to Mental Health. Never! We have to change the subject.

  2. The subject is guns. Legislation for strict control of guns and hyper automatic weaponry is the point and nothing else. Congress together with grass roots organizations stopped the tobacco industry and began holding such manufacturers accountable and liable under the law. The same movement towards gun manufacturers with strident controls would make a huge difference. Men plus guns plus anger plus unmanaged mental illness equals disaster to innocents over and over.

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