Public Health Enemy Number One: Marjorie Taylor Greene

I do not know Marjorie Taylor Greene. I do not wish anything bad upon her. However, Twitter’s suspension of her account for one week is not only a good thing, but a necessary one, too. Simply put, Marjorie Taylor Greene is public health enemy number one.

That MTG is consumed by conspiracy theories is worrying. That she has also called for executing politicians with whom she disagrees makes her a death coach. That she self-identifies as Christian is rich, as in extremely laughable. They’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love–not by our death coaching and inciting violence.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s misinformation about COVID-19 is the reason for her latest Twitter lockout. She was also barred in mid-July after making false claims about the virus’s risk to people with obesity and those over 65. And earlier this year, Jack Dorsey timed her out for spreading The (Incredibly Shrinking) Big Lie about the 2020 presidential election.

As public health enemy number one, Marjorie Taylor Greene exhibits alarming levels of low health literacy vs. disinhibition vs. willful ignorance. Or perhaps the more accurate equation is deceitfulness plus callousness. Given how deeply antagonistic she is to public health, all social media platforms should terminate her privileges.

For starters, Marjorie Taylor Greene clearly has no business trying to exert influence over the FDA. If a constituent asked her to explain how mRNA vaccines work, she could not do it. If another one asked her what HIPAA stands for, she would make something up. And heaven knows what she would do if asked to point to her sacrum or humeri.

Stripped of her committee assignments in the House of Representatives, MTG is an “essentially ineffective legislator.” She is a threat to her own constituents, who all deserve better.  At the very least, a clear majority of Georgia’s 14th district ought to push for her resignation. She has no interest in governing, let alone in public health.

As ill-suited as MTG is for public office, her political record is childish at best and criminal at worst. She conflates the meaning of “public” with the antics of “attention-seeking.” More than anything, she is an embarrassment to Georgia, a menace to society, and public health enemy number one. I call upon Marjorie Taylor Greene to resign from office. If she declines to do so, I sincerely hope a sane challenger will prevent her from being re-elected in 2022.

In the meantime, Twitter should break up with her for good–and the greater good. In fact, 73 House members already support Greene’s expulsion from Congress, not to mention all the petitions that do, too. I just called Kevin McCarthy at 202-225-2915 to request he take the necessary steps to remove MTG from the House. And I messaged Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s chief legal officer and general counsel, @vijaya asking that Twitter permanently exile MTG.

I hope you’ll join me in advocating for Georgians, for Americans, and for civility.

MITM is a politically active organization who wants to see a better candidate replace Marjorie Taylor Greene. You can use ActBlue to make a donation to help us expel MTG the Seditious Six from government. Click here:  

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