Accept Culture

What does Accept Culture mean and how do we escape from Cancel Culture? If there was ever a term that causes more emotional outrage in politics, I don’t know what it is. Cancel Culture itself needs to be…CANCELLED! Not because it’s a bad practice. Sometimes it’s the only way a person can be held accountable,Continue reading “Accept Culture”

Inclusion Leads to Full Life

Dean Gilbert, proponent of Accept Culture, passes at 82. My father passed away recently. His funeral service was performed by a close friend, Lois Olmstead, who also performed my mother’s service 10 years earlier. It’s a fascinating experience to see the lives of your parents shared by someone who may have known them better thanContinue reading “Inclusion Leads to Full Life”

Mass shootings, Letter to your Congressman

In the wake of the Colorado and Georgia mass shootings MITM is beginning a letter writing campaign to promote Mental Health & Substance Abuse funding by Congress. Gun control is not the answer and all of the intensified conflict it generates only distracts from the problem. Did you know that all members of Congress nowContinue reading “Mass shootings, Letter to your Congressman”

Michael Wood (R)

Candidate for the Texas 6th Congressional District MITM supports Maj. Michael Wood (USMC).  Candidate Wood says “We were once a party of ideas, but we have devolved into a cult of personality. This must end, and Texas must lead the way.”  MITM couldn’t agree more.  Visit and show your support. Major Wood, a decoratedContinue reading “Michael Wood (R)”

“Own the Libs!”

The Urban Dictionary says that when you have ‘owned’ someone you have “total and undeniable dominance to make them one’s bitch. To dominate the person completely, to humiliate them, to be physically or mentally disgraced.”  Is that what happened to Trump on November 3, 2020? Let’s be clear.  Nobody has owned anyone since the firstContinue reading ““Own the Libs!””

Oppose “Fight Back Now America PAC”

Corey Lewandowski wants to fight! The New Hampshire resident, and a Trump loyalist, is starting a new PAC (FBNA) to support ‘America First’ candidates. Not surprisingly, the first targets are Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. Also not surprising is that Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, may be among the first candidates supportedContinue reading “Oppose “Fight Back Now America PAC””