Does Matt Gaetz make you feel safe?

At Meet in the Middle for America, we want to highlight politicians and provocateurs whose focus isn’t on collaborating to get the best version of America.  What is the best version of America? I don’t know. But it includes working together, compromise, and making decisions with good intentions, not harassing victims’ families or survivors ofContinue reading “Does Matt Gaetz make you feel safe?”

Don’t Waste Your Time Arguing Online

Sometimes it’s hard to fight temptation.  You see something in the comments section that is so ignorant, so outrageous; you feel personally offended by the person who left the comment. You can’t let this person off the hook. You have to get them!  You must win the argument. And that’s how many feel in thisContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Time Arguing Online”

How Australia Avoided Mass Shootings for 25 Years

 I want to start by saying I am moderately pro-gun; well, I’m more pro-do whatever-you-want to be more accurate, but I was thoroughly anti-gun for a while. Then I lived rurally for several years in various countries, and my opinions about guns slowly changed. I learned the necessity of owning a firearm for some, mainlyContinue reading “How Australia Avoided Mass Shootings for 25 Years”