Censure? Seriously?

To ‘censure’ is to express severe disapproval of (someone or something), especially in a formal statement. Lately it has been wielded as a weapon, of sorts, but it has happened so often with the impeachment proceedings that it’s become more like a harangue or tongue lashing. Does anyone listen anymore? Has it become a cheap stunt to get in the newspaper?

Today Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan was censured for the second time by the Cass County GOP back in his district for voting to remove Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her House committee assignments. MTG, a genuinely despicable person, claims Jewish laser beams started California wild fires, the Clintons killed JFK Jr., Obama is a secret Muslim, that the most horrible school shootings were designed to gain support for gun control, and doubts a plane flew into the Pentagon on 9/11. Oh yeah, she thinks QAnon I pretty righteous too.

Can anyone really blame Rep. Upton for voting his conscience that perhaps MTG was unfit for House committee work? Well, evidently the Cass County GOP can. How can it even make sense that Rep. Upton gets censured for acknowledging that a person of low integrity should not be involved in policy making for children? Perhaps MTG and the Cass County GOP should be censured for being hopelessly ridiculous.

5 of 7 Senators who voted to convict Trump were censured. Sen. Romney was not censured in Utah. Sen. Lee, Utah’s other senator voted to acquit but freely acknowledged that each must do their homework and vote the conclusion they believe is right without deferring to anyone. That means without deferring to the GOP as a whole.

At the moment the GOP operates as if anyone who votes contrary to the party line is a traitor. That leaves no room for a politician to vote based on his own heart and conscience or to vote for their constituency. Since when did the national party as a whole supplant the regional desires of the actual voters? Not every Republican agrees with the GOP. Certainly there were many Republicans who voted for Joseph Biden. Are they traitors? Good luck trying to censure those voters too.

Rep. Cheney was censured in her home state of Wyoming. The WY GOP, she says, believe that Antifa and Black Lives Matter were responsible for the Capitol Riot on January 6th. She says they are mistaken. I believe she was there and saw it first hand. How can they call her a liar and then criticize her in the same breath when they were not there to see it happen? All of the arrests since have made it pretty clear who the insurrectionists were following. Anthony Bouchard, a potential challenger for WY’s at large House seat, claims that Rep. Cheney is out of touch. Perhaps Mr. Bouchard and the WY GOP can look at some video of the riot and see if BLM was there. I think we know who’s out of touch here.

In Arizona Cindy McCain, Gov. Doug Ducey, former Sen. Jeff Flake and Rep. Tom Rice were all censured. AZ is a state that Trump can’t even claim anymore because he couldn’t keep from insulting the memory of Sen. John McCain over and over again. Likely out of jealousy.

All of those who have been censured believed that Trump was responsible for a crime against America. All of those same people believed that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green didn’t really believe in all the horrible things she said, or that her comments were equivalent to the kind of comments everyone was making. Except that’s not quite on the mark. It was members of the GOP loyal to Trump who made equally poisonous statements. Who will censure them?

I will tell you who! The voters will censure all of them. The GOP, in their blind allegiance to a hateful man will race to their doom because most of them have lost the ability to think objectively. Not all of the voters will recognize it but in many areas, like Arizona and Georgia, they already have. How many more states will flip Blue? Right now the Senate is a tie and the House is close. The midterms in 2022 will censure those who are not willing to face reality. It’s time to replace the blind faithful with candidates who will ‘Meet In The Middle’. If the GOP continues to attack itself by targeting those who think independently, then it will drown in the Blue Wave that will follow.

America needs a functional two-party system that protects the interests of the voters. At the moment there is a Democratic Party that will push the GOP aside if they can’t come to the table and get some work done. It’s time for the GOP to leave Trump behind and shun the likes of Rep. Green, Sen. Cruz. and Sen. Hawley. They are the iceberg that sank the Titanic.

Time for change, again.

The nation’s conservatives are at a crossroads. Do we follow Donald Trump as the leader of the party and risk oblivion? Or do we listen to some of the newer voices of the GOP, like Adam Kinzinger (R-IL16th), who voted for impeachment in the House of Representatives?

It’s a very tough question for those who rode #45 to victory in 2016. Trump was not afraid to say all the things ‘some’ conservatives wanted to say. As we saw during the debates, when Trump failed to denounce the Proud Boys, there is a line that should not be crossed. And now we see where that has gotten us.

The Republican Party is on the verge of splitting. Obviously there are those who are so far right that they are not willing to listen to what anyone else has to say anymore. Those same people were present during the January 6th riot and occupation of the US Capitol. The passion is extreme but they do not represent the conservatives who will carry the GOP into the future.

With that being said who is left? There are still many who follow Trump as the standard bearer of the future. But that path is littered with obstacles and distractions. Trump’s legal entanglements will go on for years related to election tampering (NYT, Fausset & Hakim, 02/10/2021), tax fraud (WSJ Paul & Ramey, 02/22/2021) and sexual assault (26 Women, Relman, 09/17/2020). Anyone who can’t see that following Trump into the future is a huge gamble, is not facing facts. But this is similar to those who wanted to believe the election was stolen. We can convince ourselves of anything.

The other choice is to not follow Trump. We must look for those candidates who approach the future in an intelligent manner. There will be candidates, like Rep. Kinzinger, who stand up and say “Its clear, Trump lost, to win again we need not embrace him, but move on from him, and NOW” (Twitter, 02/21/2021). There’s no other choice if we are to find a pathway around the train wreck that is about to happen.

Meet In The Middle For America is dedicated to finding conservative candidates who are willing to accept reality for what it is, who will debate the issues vigorously, and who are also willing to recognize that sometimes progress is made in small steps. Democrats hold the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch by a thin margin. Far right conservatives who are unwilling to adapt will find no audience for their voices, and they will become targets.

It’s time to find candidates who represent their constituents and not a single man with a distorted vision, who will step up, state their position, debate passionately, and then find a solution that we can agree benefits and protects ‘We the People’.