The Job of a Legislator

Just what is the job of United States Senators and Representatives? What is the purpose of Congress? In an era of extremely low public trust in Congress and its members, this has become an important question. It seems that many people, including many elected officials, no longer understand the purpose of Congress, or the jobContinue reading “The Job of a Legislator”

Don’t Waste Your Time Arguing Online

Sometimes it’s hard to fight temptation.  You see something in the comments section that is so ignorant, so outrageous; you feel personally offended by the person who left the comment. You can’t let this person off the hook. You have to get them!  You must win the argument. And that’s how many feel in thisContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Time Arguing Online”

Want to Fight Conspiracy and Misinformation? Start with Your Own Side.

Subtitle: Science and Facts Do Not Take Sides. With the rise of QAnon, the return of anti-vaxxers, and the Big Lie about fraud in the 2020 election, conspiracy and misinformation have returned to the fore of American consciousness. Fact checking outlets work overtime. Social media is filled with bots, trolls, and outright lies. Elected officialsContinue reading “Want to Fight Conspiracy and Misinformation? Start with Your Own Side.”

Is Student Loan Forgiveness Wise?

Student loans should not be forgiven Let me just start off by saying that colleges cost a lot of money and the return on investment for people attending can be good, or not so good. Most people going to college don’t have a lot of money at that age, so they have to take outContinue reading “Is Student Loan Forgiveness Wise?”

How Australia Avoided Mass Shootings for 25 Years

 I want to start by saying I am moderately pro-gun; well, I’m more pro-do whatever-you-want to be more accurate, but I was thoroughly anti-gun for a while. Then I lived rurally for several years in various countries, and my opinions about guns slowly changed. I learned the necessity of owning a firearm for some, mainlyContinue reading “How Australia Avoided Mass Shootings for 25 Years”

Hmmm. Fox/CNN or The Daily Show?

In this post, I will discuss how late-night comedy shows became my primary news source. My Journalism History Before I took my first journalism course, my news derived from local television and radio outlets, rather than national networks. I lacked awareness of CNN or Fox, even though my household consistently watched a Fox affiliate newsContinue reading “Hmmm. Fox/CNN or The Daily Show?”