Americans Should Demand More from Elected Officials

Polls consistently show that a majority of Americans say they want more compromise and respect[1] in politics. Although they usually want the other side’s politicians to do the compromising and give their own party the respect. Polls also show that even on contentious issues such as trade, immigration, and climate policy, Americans have broad agreements.[2]Continue reading “Americans Should Demand More from Elected Officials”

Meet Me in the Middle

Quick hello to the #MeetInTheMiddle community. Thought I’d share this image of the beautiful Gateway Arch along the Mississippi River. As an alumna of Washington University in St. Louis, you’d think I would have taken the tram ride to the top by now. Alas, acrophobia plus claustrophobia have kept me away from this adventure. Still,Continue reading “Meet Me in the Middle”

“Own the Libs!”

The Urban Dictionary says that when you have ‘owned’ someone you have “total and undeniable dominance to make them one’s bitch. To dominate the person completely, to humiliate them, to be physically or mentally disgraced.”  Is that what happened to Trump on November 3, 2020? Let’s be clear.  Nobody has owned anyone since the firstContinue reading ““Own the Libs!””