Public Health Enemy Number One: Marjorie Taylor Greene

I do not know Marjorie Taylor Greene. I do not wish anything bad upon her. However, Twitter’s suspension of her account for one week is not only a good thing, but a necessary one, too. Simply put, Marjorie Taylor Greene is public health enemy number one. That MTG is consumed by conspiracy theories is worrying.Continue reading “Public Health Enemy Number One: Marjorie Taylor Greene”

Does Matt Gaetz make you feel safe?

At Meet in the Middle for America, we want to highlight politicians and provocateurs whose focus isn’t on collaborating to get the best version of America.  What is the best version of America? I don’t know. But it includes working together, compromise, and making decisions with good intentions, not harassing victims’ families or survivors ofContinue reading “Does Matt Gaetz make you feel safe?”

Accept Culture

What does Accept Culture mean and how do we escape from Cancel Culture? If there was ever a term that causes more emotional outrage in politics, I don’t know what it is. Cancel Culture itself needs to be…CANCELLED! Not because it’s a bad practice. Sometimes it’s the only way a person can be held accountable,Continue reading “Accept Culture”

Want to Fight Conspiracy and Misinformation? Start with Your Own Side.

Subtitle: Science and Facts Do Not Take Sides. With the rise of QAnon, the return of anti-vaxxers, and the Big Lie about fraud in the 2020 election, conspiracy and misinformation have returned to the fore of American consciousness. Fact checking outlets work overtime. Social media is filled with bots, trolls, and outright lies. Elected officialsContinue reading “Want to Fight Conspiracy and Misinformation? Start with Your Own Side.”