Don’t Waste Your Time Arguing Online

Sometimes it’s hard to fight temptation.  You see something in the comments section that is so ignorant, so outrageous; you feel personally offended by the person who left the comment. You can’t let this person off the hook. You have to get them!  You must win the argument. And that’s how many feel in thisContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Time Arguing Online”

Always a Great Time to Talk About Mental Health

May is Mental Health Month, so let’s talk about mental health to EVERYONE. Reach out to your legislators and tell them we need more money for mental health and substance abuse treatment. Reach out to a friend and ask how they are doing? It doesn’t matter what you do, just don’t do nothing!  I haveContinue reading “Always a Great Time to Talk About Mental Health”

Rejecting the Stigma around Mental Health

Mental Health and Substance Use often have a stigma attached. People who have a diagnosis sometimes don’t want to get treatment because people think they are “crazy.” Stigma is a reason these issues are not discussed when things like shootings happen. But why not talk about it?  In March of 2020, the entire US went into quarantine. We wereContinue reading “Rejecting the Stigma around Mental Health”