Public Health Enemy Number One: Marjorie Taylor Greene

I do not know Marjorie Taylor Greene. I do not wish anything bad upon her. However, Twitter’s suspension of her account for one week is not only a good thing, but a necessary one, too. Simply put, Marjorie Taylor Greene is public health enemy number one. That MTG is consumed by conspiracy theories is worrying.Continue reading “Public Health Enemy Number One: Marjorie Taylor Greene”

Meet Me in the Middle

Quick hello to the #MeetInTheMiddle community. Thought I’d share this image of the beautiful Gateway Arch along the Mississippi River. As an alumna of Washington University in St. Louis, you’d think I would have taken the tram ride to the top by now. Alas, acrophobia plus claustrophobia have kept me away from this adventure. Still,Continue reading “Meet Me in the Middle”